The Rising Tide

Once More, With Healing.

Battle Royale

The room stood silent before us, the centre being dominated by a towering stone statue with a raised sword along with two smaller draconic statues off to the side. I shouldn’t have been surprised when the larger statue swung and landed a savage blow when I advanced and the rest of the party launched into action, quickly reducing all three to rubble and left us facing a small alcove with a door in the far wall. Arranged in each corner of the alcove were small statuettes of gnomes holding urns, these were inspected and neutralized by Valkor Vandette who subsequently informed us that they would likley form a small flooded space had we not been dilligent.

The next chamber of our quest housed more unholy undead with rotting flesh dangling from bones full of evil intent, rivulets of blood flowing across ancient stones towards a pit in the centre of the floor before descending into the darkness below where faint chanting was rising from the depths.

After dispatching the evil beings to their final resting place, we took a brief respite to tend to wounds and take stock before following the blood to the pit below. In turn we descended on the chains, opting for the cautious, steady approach, knowing it would give whoever or whatever was below ample opportunity to ready their defenses. My only thought was to stop the ritual from reaching completion for that way lay devastion and death



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